GMAZ in no show at Parly hearing

Chengetai  Zvauya

The Grains Millers Association of Zimbabwe (GMAZ) Tuesday failed to turn up for the fourth time since last year for a hearing before the Parliamentary Portfolio  Committee on Lands, Agriculture,  Water and Rural Resettlement,   to explain  how it utilisation the funds it  received from  Treasury from 2015 to 2018.

GMAZ is said to have received  $27m during that period meant to go towards the purchase of wheat.

Justice Mayor Wadyajena, who chairs the Committee, told journalists on Tuesday that his Committee Tuesday received a letter from GMAZ lawyers indicating they were not willing to appear before the Committee. The letter, according to Wadyajena, also indicated that GMAZ does not want him to chair the Committee.  They claimed Wadyajena’s Committee was not fair to them.

GMAZ indicated they preferred appearing before the Public Accounts Committee chaired by  Tendai Biti.

“We have received a letter from GMAZ lawyers indicating that they are not ready to appear before our committee,” Wadyajena said.

He added: “GMAZ also stated that that I should  not be chairing this Committee and  are preferring to appear before  the  Public Accounts Committee  and  are saying we  are not  being  fair to them.

“But as a committee we have decided that they must appear before this committee to explain the funds they have received from the treasury about $27 million from 2015 to 2018 for refurbishing the silos.

We are not fighting individuals in GMAZ but we want the organisation to send its representatives to the committee to clarify some issues with the committee,” Wadyajena said. 

GMAZ is a voluntary organisation which represents the interests of local gain millers in in Zimbabwe.


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