Events Evolution flourishes for superiority


A local events company, Events Evolution has invested in a modern state of the art equipment they are hiring out to the players in the creative sector.

With major advances in technology over the past two decades, some touring acts tend to bring their own PA systems as the perception is that equipment available in Zimbabwe is inadequate and aged.

When Morgan Heritage had their debut performance in Zimbabwe a couple of years ago, the travelled with some components of their PA system while according to the Heat magazine Rihhana, Beyonce and Jayzee state in their contracts the specifications of the type of stage and also the PA system they want to work with.

Events Solution director Talent Banda said the company would continue to make investments into creating good on stage experiences by making further investments into lighting and sound equipment and training.

“We send our sound engineers outside the country for training as a way of improving our standards at Events Evolution. Sound glitches are not healthy for a live performance as
they can kill the mood of the fans as well as destruct the person on stage and we have made sure our systems are perfect. One other element we have to understand is the issue of lighting on stage which is one of the key elements we have been specialising at Events Evolution,” he said.

“We are trying to maintain the leading role and help other emerging artistes and we will continue to invest in the music and creative sector both on personnel skills and equipment, promoting upcoming artists in Zimbabwe and create a platform of which they can be
recognised local, regionally and even internationally,” he said.

The company said it would continue to bring different materials with their engineers getting training to use advanced equipment.


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