Zim author to showcase book at festival


Author Luckson Chikutu is set to put Zimbabwe on the global culture map as his book will be on the shelves at the Africa Festival which roars into life in Sweden on Saturday.

The book, Flashback Identity, was launched in Sweden in October and has recently attracted the international market.

“African Culture is a darling of many here and they are looking forward to the book. This is a big festival and I hope the book will make an impact,” Chikutu told Business Times from his Swedish base.

“I have secured everything for the book to be at the Africa Festival to be held here in Sweden. People here appreciate our culture that is unique in its way.”

He said culture was important as it can contribute towards the development of tourism in Zimbabwe.

“I really want to share it with the new generation and adults about how best we can document our Zimbabwean culture and history. Our culture in Zimbabwe is very rich and can turns the fortunes of the country as it contributes largely on the development of tourism in Zimbabwe,” Chikutu said.

He was pushed to write the book by his passion to see the Zimbabwean culture being documented.

“Writing this book was a long journey with positive feedback. It was motivated by the need to document the cultural history I received when I was growing up,” Chikutu said.

The book describes music business and how it has been used throughout history to influence humanity.

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