Concern over impassable Chipinge roads



Villagers in Chipinge South have raised concern over the poor state of roads in area, which has made most parts of the Middle Sabi Valley impassable, forcing transport operators to shun plying the routes.

Consequently, villagers are now forced to walk long distances of over 15 kilometres to connect to the main highway that runs from Tanganda to Chisumbanje.

Village head Arufasi Mwaangireni said the poor state of the roads had been made even worse as a result of the incessant rains that have hit the area in the past weeks, as Cyclone Freddy blew hot and cold in Manicaland Province.

“The community here is requesting if special attention can be given to the roads to make life easier for the people. The community is having it hard each time when they want to travel. We travel long distances to get to the tarred road,” Mwaangireni said.

The headman also lamented the unavailability of medicine in one of their only clinics, at Mabhiza.

“It is a nightmare for the sick as there is no medicine at the clinic. We have seen many people or families resorting to traditional options of seeking treatment as they find clinical medication beyond their reach and in addition it is unavailable at the health centres,” he said.

Mwaangireni said his area had not harvested much hence there was a need for supplementary feeding for most of the villagers as they had received below average rainfall.

“Our area received late rains which made life difficult for the people to get a good harvest. We had planted the small grains as advised but it did not make much difference. We are in dire need of food aid from the government and its partners,” he said.

The area falls in natural region five which means it receives below normal rainfall all year round, but small grains such as rapoko, millet, sorghum among others normally thrive under such harsh weather conditions.”


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