Child president appeal to ED

April 21, 2022



Child president, Hazel Mandaza, has appealed to President Emmerson Mnangagwa to impose stiffer penalties on cartels selling drugs to school going children.

Data obtained from the Ministry of Health and Child Care  shows that there has been a sharp increase in new  young male drug abusers admissions at Ingutsheni Central Hospital in Bulawayo.

“We appreciate your commitment and focus on eradicating poverty and other social issues that affect children. We, however, appeal to you Your Excellency to impose stiff penalties to all those who expose children to drugs and other vices that do not prepare us to good future,” Mandaza said at the children’s party held at State House in Bulawayo.

“My wish and desire as child president is to see our generation defined by a demonstrable sense of responsibility, hardwork, resilience and love for one another.”

She said they understand “our role is safeguarding that proud legacy and values as a nation and these are now happily embedded in our competence based curriculum”.

“We will walk the journey together until we achieve vision 2030,” Mandaza said.

Medical experts estimate that illicit drug use is directly and indirectly responsible for over 750, 000 deaths per year with over 166, 000 people dying from drug overdose every year, opioids being responsible for a greater number of overdoses from illicit drugs. Zimbabwe has not been spared as all sorts of substances have been used ranging from sodium polyarylate from diapers to crystal methamphetamine commonly known as mutoriro, cannabis (mbanje), pethidine, morphine, broncho, kachasu, tumbwa and  saints (gologo), among many others.


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