Zambezi Golf Classic tees off



A new  golf tournament, the Zambezi Golf Classic, is set to tee off on August 12, 2022  in  in the resort town of Victoria Falls, BT Sport can report.

The tournament will be used to boost domestic tourism and revive businesses in the resort city.

The development was confirmed by the  golf tournament director Ephraim Mashingaidze.

“We are creating a golf tournament themed around the Mighty Zambezi River which has influence over six countries in the SADC region,” Mashingaidze said.

He added: “A golf tournament to celebrate  or publicise this iconic feature on the continent can avail a unique golf sporting experience, which has sports tourism permanently embedded in the event.

We anticipate golfers from at least these six countries to come and do battle on the tee boxes, fairways  and greens as they wrestle for the Zambezi Golf Classic winners categories,” Mashingaidze said.

He said the Zambezi Golf Classic Tournament  will have a  huge positive economic uptake.

“It dovetails into the Zimbabwe Government National Tourism Recovery  and Growth Strategy.

As the organizers of this new exciting tournament, we want to encourage the construction of golf facilities alongside the shores in other countries that the Zambezi River goes through so that the tournament can also be hosted in those countries in the near future, “ Mashingaidze said.


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