Top Ghana University in Zim on student recruitment drive

Asheshi University


Accra-based Ashesi University is in Harare this week on student recruitment drive as well as “discussing entrepreneurship and educational innovations with local stakeholders”.

The university, considered to be one of the finest universities in Africa  with a track record of preparing students  from across the continent for leadership and service, has about 7 000 students on its books.

Out of this figure, the privately owned university, which is in partnership with Mastercard, has 26 Zimbabwean students. Now, there want to recruit more students from Zimbabwe.

Ashesi was two years ago awarded the World Innovation Summit in Education Prize, one of the world’s biggest prizes in education, for its impact on higher education.

Last year, it was also awarded a Charter by the President of Ghana, granting it full independence as a nationally recognised degree-granting institution.

Speaking to Business Times on the sidelines of its meeting at Cresta Lodge Hotel in the capital which was held in partnership with ZiFM, a unit of AB Communications, the university’s assistant director of career services Sylvia Kunkyebe said they want to change Africa through education and developing skills for African people and to recruiting students and graduates from across continent, Zimbabwe included.

“Only 26 Zimbabweans out of 7 000 students are enrolled at the University,” Kunkyebe told Business Times adding that: “We are on a recruitment drive and also discussing entrepreneurship and educational innovations with stakeholders in Zimbabwe.”

Kunkyebe added that, the institution wants to teach young people to be courageous towards leadership as well as to partner with young businesses so that they will grow. Ashesi provides scholarships to students financed by Mastercard Foundation.

Zimbabwe born Munyaradzi Madzoma who is a the 3rd year student at Ashesi University told Business Times that the institution is one of the best in Africa as it provides skills for real-life work.

He applauded Mastercard Foundation scholarship.

“We are not facing any challenges in terms of finances because the scholarship provides finances from travelling funds up to educational
support.” Madzoma said.

Ashesi’s mission is to build confidence mainly in young people so as to learn more and get employment, and to self-employ themselves and
also to fight against corruption through learning different skills in educational systems.

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