Special Sports Court on the cards

..SRC sign MoU with ZACC, NPA


The Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) is mulling setting up a Special Sports Court, meant to deal with issues bedevilling the sports in this country, it has been learnt.

BT Sport can report that SRC took a big step this week after it signed a memorandum of understanding with the Zimbabwe Anti-Corruption Commission (ZACC) and the National Prosecution Authority (NPA) with regards to the setting up of the Special Sports Court.

This was revealed by SRC board chairman, Gerald Mlotshwa, at the meet the media indaba held in the capital this week.

“This morning (Monday) we had a meeting with ZACC and the NPA. The idea is to establish a Special Sports Court to deal with issues bedevilling the national sports in Zimbabwe,” Mlotshwa revealed.

 “The Prosecutor General is pushing a motion to train prosecutors to be able to prosecute cases such as corruption in sport, age cheating, doping or anti-doping cases.”

The SRC is also mulling promulgating an Integrity Bill, meant to check on governance issues.

Mlotshwa said the Bill is now with the Attorney General. From the AG, it will be tabled in Parliament for debate.

The SRC recently suspended ZIFA CEO, Joseph Mamutse from all football related activities pending investigations into how national football teams were cleared for foreign assignments under seemingly questionable circumstances at a time the deadly COVID -19 is ravaging economies across the world.

The move also claimed the head of SRC director general Prince Mupazviriho.

ZIFA have reported the matter to FIFA and have also approached the Administrative Court last week to challenge the legality of the move. ZIFA wants the SRC to reverse its decision to suspend its CEO.

ZIFA gave SRC up to Tuesday this week to reverse their decision to suspend Mamutse.

This has not happened.

Asked if SRC was not sweating over the possible suspension of Zimbabwe by FIFA and the possible severe consequence from the Court, Mlotshwa said: “They have (ZIFA) to appeal. They wrote to us, they approached the Administrative Court.

But, who said if you lodge a challenge in Court, that suspension is set aside. That’s nonsense.

I think they (ZIFA) must go back and get appropriate legal advice.

He (Mamutse) can return to work and see what happens. That’s not a threat,” Mlotshwa said.

Asked if he was not sweating over a possible ban from FIFA, Mlotshwa said: “Why is it that the most popular and widely played sport in Zimbabwe (football) is the most broke in the country? Why always run to the government at the last moment for bailouts. Why are they not running to FIFA for bailouts?

“We are not deterred by those threats. What I can say is that we don’t play in that (political) space. We focus on what we can control.

And others can carry on dealing with politics.”

He added: “In any case, what effect will it have in the country? Will our football collapse? You will find that we don’t have anything to fear of that possible ban from FIFA.

He said SRC was not a political organisation but a regulator. “So, we don’t care. So, our job is to deal with the development of sport in this country, better administration of Zimbabwe sport,” Mlotshwa said.

SRC board member, Nigel Munyati said: “ZIFA is broke of ideas not financially because FIFA funds programmes adequately. What they (ZIFA) are not able to fund are their own activities such as salaries. What is needed is a positive corporate image for be able to attract corporate sponsorship.”

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