Post-election violence victim wants US$200K



One of the victims of the 1 August post-election violence, Adrian Mujere, 31, who was shot in the right arm wants at least US$200,000 as compensation. Mujere was named in the Commission’s Report as needing physiotherapy on his arm. “It’s a welcome development for all the affected, including me,” Mujere told the Business Times. “It was not expected. So, if they are to help us with the medical bills, and also help those who lost loved ones, it is a welcome development.

“We thank the President for that decision. l am looking at between US$100,000 and US$200 000 as compensation. It will go a long way in assisting me to begin some income generating projects as I cannot use my hand anymore.”

Mujere was a cellphone accessories vendor in Harare’s central business district.

The Commission recommended that the government should set up a special committee to assess and determine the quantum of damages and compensation to be awarded to victims on a case by case basis.

“There is an urgent need to avail medical support to all the injured such as Simeon Chipokosa who still has a bullet lodged in his leg and Adriane Mujere who requires physiotherapy for his hand,” read part of the recommendations.

The Commission also recommended “the establishment of a multi-party reconciliation initiative, including youth representatives, with national and international mediation to address the root causes of the post-election violence and to identify and implement strategies for reducing tensions, promoting common understandings of political campaigning, combatting criminality, and uplifting communities.”