PAP presidential nominee says top post should rotate


Pan African Parliament (PAP) presidential nominee Albino Aboug has written to the African Union (AU) Chairperson Felix-Antoine Tshisekedi for the continent’s legislative body to reconvene elections to elect a new leadership which must codify the principle of rotation within six months.

The letter dated June 3,2021 comes after PAP postponed polls to install a new president to October following last month’s disruptions of the process. The Southern region caucus said the polls would not be held if it does not adhere to the principles of leadership rotation among regions like what is happening at AU.

The Bureau of the PAP is composed of 5 members, one President and 4 Vice-Presidents, elected for a three-year term.

“There is an urgent need for PAP to reconvene and elections to be held to fill the political leadership vacuum that currently exists at PAP. This will enable the institution to function orderly and serve its mandate in the AU governance system,” Aboug wrote.

“After the election and reconstitution of the PAP leadership, the new leadership must commit to amending the PAP Rules of Procedure within six months to codify the principle of rotation and other relevant and necessary amendments of the PAP Rules of Procedure.”

The East Africa region nominee wants the elections to be in a safe environment, adding that members have expressed their dissatisfaction with the host nation for its failure to ensure adequate safe conditions for the vote

“It is a security concern that South African members were actively involved in mobilising protesters and stroking the chaos that emerged in Plenary,” he wrote.

Aboug will battle with Chief Fortune Charumbira (representing Southern Africa caucus) and Haidara Aissata Cisse (West Africa region) for the presidency. The regions that have not held the PAP Presidency are the Southern Africa and North. Central Africa has held the position three (3) times, West Africa once (1) and East Africa once.

Election proceedings were postponed to October to allow consultations, especially with the African Union, which has clearly stated that it wants these top posts to rotate between the regions.

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