Minister seeks community’s help

(Last Updated On: January 19, 2023)




Environment, Climate, Tourism and Hospitality minister, Mangaliso Ndlovu, has appealed to the Bulawayo community to unite to restore order in the city.

The development comes at a time when illegal vendors have invaded Bulawayo pavements. They leave rotting produce on the streets.

Open drinking outlets are also a menace.

“Out of realisation that our environment is fast deteriorating under our watch, we have to unite to restore order,” Ndlovu said at a recent environmental management meeting in Bulawayo.

He urged the Bulawayo City Council to tackle issues around open drinking spaces, which is rampant in which “people drink beer in those places and leave empty bottles strewn in the streets”.

Ndlovu also said there was a worrying trend where illegal pick up points were allowed to flourish adding the BCC should be firm when dealing with lawlessness.

“It is a worrying trend to note that the local authority is allowing an illegal rank to flourish, which is a looming health disaster given that there are no ablution facilities,” he said.

The illegal parking of buses has attracted touts, vendors and pushcart operators.

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