Men too are brands, can still look incredibly suave this winter


A well-dressed man is a beautiful sight to see.

They are brands too and a well thought out outfit makes all the difference.

If anything, it says I care about myself, my health, what I do and where I am going.

Men can stay warm but, dressing for the weather can still look incredibly stylish.

Why is it that women are expected to be well put together, yet men are forgiven every fashion faux pas on this planet?

Do you not think that many years ago, men probably went out hunting down zebras, just so he could wear a striped loin cloth?

A lot too has been said over time about clothes by men.

Charles Hix, the author of the first hardcover volume on male beauty to make the New York Times best-seller list, said “Looking good isn’t self-importance; it’s self-respect.”

He is not the only one who has had something to say about male grooming.  

Honore de Balzac, a French novellist, critic, journalist and playwright once said: “The boor covers himself, the rich man or the fool adorns himself, and the elegant man gets dressed.” Who can dare argue with a man whose work inspired the likes of Charles Dickens, Karl Marx and Emile Zola?

I honestly think winter is the best time of the year, but most of us do not think so because of the struggles of what to wear we go through.

Winter can be hell if we are not well prepared.

So, if you are desperately in need of style and inspiration this winter, you are reading the right article.

I have some toasty and trendy wardrobe essentials that will rock your winter!

If you read last week’s article then you probably know I am in a hot romance with coats so I have to talk about them first.

Coats are also a must-have for men for winter and there are different types too.

The double-breasted overcoat is perfect for the office and any other activity after.

The pea coat is a timeless piece that works even when worn with jeans.

A stylish wool coat may be costly, but it is a worthy investment, it’s available in different shades and lengths.

I would advise to stick to bold colours like charcoal, navy and camel no-matter how dark or light your complexion is.

Of course you can also never go wrong with the classic black shade.

As much as boots are a winter staple for ladies it’s the same for men too.

This sturdy footwear has a lot of winning qualities including comfort, warmth, and style.

You can’t just take a pair anywhere and think they will just work.

Tell me who can resist a man in a scarf?

 No, scarfs are contrary to belief masculine and very classy and there are so many ways to style them.

You can either let it hang loose, loop it or wrap it right round the neck.

Worn over a suit, a shirt and coat or even jeans and a simple tee it is a sure show stopper!

I know Kae Chaps’ hit song, Juzi, has made jerseys the winter hit this year, but the cable knit crew neck is one jersey you will not be forgetting anywhere. Trust me.

This jersey again works with anything, and you work it with a blazer or coat or even with jeans and the classic chino.

Headwear in winter is a necessary accessory. It will keep the head warm especially for baldies and it gives an outfit that little special something.

From Flat cap, Newsboy, Fedora, to the Trilby and popular Beanie, each of these will give your look sophistication.

Be very careful with the styling because looking too casual can give a sloppy look and that may not be what you’re looking for.

The epitome of great cold weather style is the classic turtleneck. It was one of my dad’s favourite winter pieces and whenever I see a man in one, I think of him.

They can be baggy and chunky or even fitting and that way you can wear them inside any coat and for any occasion.

Looking sharp in winter is manageable with some essential additional pieces  which amplify any ensemble like leather gloves, flannel shirts, a sophisticated wool blazer, a pair of jeans, leather jacket and sunnies  because winter does not mean the lack of sun.

Last week I decided to leave out perfume, for good reason as you will discover in a few weeks’ time.

But perfume is another very important winter must have.

There are a variety of options for winter scents and every year it’s vital that we change up our scents when the weather gets cold.

Zimbabwean singer, Daniel Jenkins, who is currently based in Durban, South Africa, said his favourite winter clothes are ‘trench coats with a long sleeve, leather jacket with hoodie and chinos or smart skinny jeans’.

Neo soul crooner, PrayerSoul, favours woolen beanie’s, polo neck sweaters, blazers, coats, boots and casual sweaters. Property developer, Simanga Madhlabuta, has invested in classic staples—trendy coats, cardigans and boots.

Another singer, Alexio Gwenzi popularly known as GoodChild or GC, shared his love for tracksuits that he loves to wear over weekends in winter.

 Kevin Motsi, a logistic specialist claimed ‘turtlenecks (to wear with a jacket), scarfs, snug vests to wear inside shirts (so that you don’t have that t-shirt sticking out) and winter socks’.

He also advised: “It’s going to be a cold winter. But with meetings back on track and also travel back on track one has to be smart. Dress up and show up.’

I had a chat with celebrity stylist Minister of Whitelinen and he had quite a few winter favourites, starting with the beanie hat.

“For the casual boys, this is the in-thing. I had never tried any winter hats since I was a kid but this year, I am trying out different types of beanie hats and I have just bought a black one. Black is always a good colour to start with, neutral and versatile. As much as it’s warm it’s also another trendy accessory that will make a modern man stand out. Singer Garry Mapanzure is really good at executing the beanie hat look!”

He also picked boots:  “On that cold weekend, these can come in handy. They can be Chelsea boots, buckled boots or any style, but winter is the only time we can experiment with boots. I prefer Chelsea ones for the fact that they mostly come with fur on the inside and they can be either dressed up (that’s wearing them with formal pieces ) or dresses down (that’s wearing them with casual pieces like denims and stuff).”

He couldn’t leave out the overcoat.

 “A modern man must have that neutral – coloured coat that can be paired with any outfit of any colour and black and grey are always good colours. They bring that vintage fashion feel to the atmosphere and somehow stimulate that invincible feeling as you walk through the coldness of the winter.”

His last must have is the winter keeper, and these are tights.

“Yes, as much as it sounds weird, tights are very essential. Instead of having track bottoms and trying to lay joggers then end up having a shabby look or shabby finish on your outfit especially for office men, thick tights can save a life. Men can layer tights!”

He couldn’t leave out the Grey tee:  “A lot of men love to have layers during winter and that includes t-shirts and vests. However, most of these subtly show , we can easily see layer print on shirts but Grey t-shirts and vests never show whether you are wearing a white shirt or any other colour, they hide very well.

And the scarf, he said:  “Scarves are amazing accessories; they add that little personality to our outfits.” 

Gentlemen, how about making this a winter to remember? Stay warm, be bold and keep it Classy!

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