Mavura pens second book


Following the success of his first book, author Abel Mavura has penned his second book titled “Taku’s Awakening”.

Mavura said the book was ready and the launch dates will be announced soon.

Mavura said he was inspired by the success of his first book “The art of realizing your dream”.

“The response was overwhelming and to be honest I was not expecting it. I am happy that the response was enough to inspire me to write this one,” he said.

Going through the book, Mavura said it was an inspirational story targeting the youths.

“The story is about a confused African man who goes through a self realisation process. He wanted to be a scientist but things did not go his way and he ended up being a poet. The idea here is to let people know that life is not universal but a personal journey with a custom path,” he said.

He said the book gives emphasis on decision making as one of the important aspects in life, especially for the youth.

“Decision making is one of the important things that we need and I am happy that this book takes the youth to task to be very careful in making decisions in life,” he said.

His last book managed to make it on the Zimbabwe top 40 influential Christians list of 2017 and he managed to sell it in several countries across Africa.

“The first one did very well and we hope this one will take a step further,” he said.

He said it is by the grace of God that he already has such achievements from the first book.

“This is by the grace of God that I managed to have all these achievements. The impact of the book is something else and I am encouraged and as I speak I am penning another book,” he said.

Mavura believes life is viewed as a dynamic system with inputs, processes and outputs.

“Inputs are the efforts we put towards our goals. Processes are the challenges we face and outputs is the new being after all the hustles,” he said.

The 30 year old author believes there is a need to be passionate about everything.


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