Masvingo chokes under ZWL$100m debt


Service delivery in Masvingo city could grind to halt as the local authority is owed about ZWL$100m by debtors including government departments and council schools in service charges arrears, Business Times has learnt.

According to council minutes dated April 30, 2021, seen by this newspaper, the local authority was owed ZWL $99 350 261.

“The report of the finance director on institutional debtors totalling ZWL$ 99 350 261 for the month of April 2021 was noted. It was highlighted that the institutions with boreholes were reluctant to settle their bills since they would rely on borehole water,” part of the minutes read.

According to the minutes, the Finance and General Purposes Committee also raised concern over the increasing number of illegal boreholes as this had the potential to pollute the water system in the city.

Masvingo City council is planning to engage the services to debt collectors to recover the service charges arrears.

“Regarding the closure of boreholes for institutional debtors to enforce payment, the chief internal auditor advised that the proper debt collection strategy was to hand over debts to debt collectors.”

Meanwhile, the local authority is planning to expedite the opening up of new commercial stands along Charumbira Street near the Mucheke Craft Centre, a situation that is likely to change the face of the city.

The commercial stands will be located on a piece of land bordering Charumbira road on the west and Mucheke River to the east.

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