Ken Sharpe bags another gong


Honours just keep coming for Zimbabwe’s first and only Forbes Best of Africa Award winner, Kenneth Sharpe, who has been conferred with the Leader in Real Estate of the Year 2021 Platinum Award at the just-ended Megafest National Leadership Awards ceremony held in Harare.

A Zimbabwean global entrepreneur with tentacles in real estate, manufacturing, ICTs and services, Sharpe beat a strong and illustrious field of contenders to be named the Platinum winner following his inspiring leadership exploits at West Properties.

Sharpe is currently studying at Harvard University.

The businessman’s wife and business partner, Joanna , received the Megafest award on his behalf.

Joanna dedicated the accolade to all hardworking Zimbabweans.

“We dedicate this award to our stakeholders –Firstly our customers, partners, employees, suppliers, regulators and all hardworking Zimbabweans who continue to challenge us to do better.

“As West Properties, we are committed to providing both luxurious and affordable housing units. All our unique projects are in areas of high access and opportunity, with proximity to amenities.

“We have gone out of our way to ensure that all our projects are constructed with utmost regard to architectural excellence, world-class construction quality and aesthetics. Combined with our zealous commitment to timely delivery and innovation, all of our projects are designed to offer both convenience and utility as well as to stand the test of time,” she said.

It has been a terrific year for Sharpe and his team at West Properties.

He was one of few African entrepreneurs celebrated by United Arab Emirates (UAE) Africa Networking Group in September at the Titans of Africa book launch and reception in Dubai, signifying his growing profile on the global stage.

The UAE Africa Networking Group is a Dubai based networking business platform that promotes collaboration between the UAE and various African markets.

That acknowledgement by the UAE Africa Networking Group came hard on the heels of another global recognition when the real estate trailblazer fittingly became the first Zimbabwean to scoop the coveted Forbes Best of Africa Award of Excellence after being recognised as the continent’s most Innovative chief executive officer of the year 2021.

Sharpe’s business dominance and innovativeness across Africa was recognised by the Foreign Investment Network Leadership and Philanthropy Roundtable at a virtual awards ceremony.

For the past 14 years, the businessman has revolutionised Zimbabwe’s real estate and property landscape in a big way. Through his company, West Properties, he has acquired sizeable land banks across the country on which he is spearheading some of the country’s most eye-catching housing developments, especially in the northern side of the capital city, Harare.

For many who have followed West Property’s  projects and products on the property development scene, particularly Pomona City-the first Zimbabwean housing development to adopt an innovative leasehold concept-the string of awards coming Sharpe’s way have not come as surprises.

Sharpe believes the latest honour is an endorsement of his goal of building Zimbabwe’s own Dubai.

“There is nothing that can stop us from making another Dubai in Zimbabwe. It s very possible.

“We want our high-quality prestigious properties to dominate the skylines of many urban centres in Zimbabwe. We want to make a difference in the overall social-economic growth of the country,” he said.

A global investor by right and a Christian by faith, Sharpe remains committed to the growth and sustainable development of Zimbabwe.

Sharpe’s vision is to turn West Property into the most prominent real estate development company in Zimbabwe.

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