Heath Streak is alive: Mlotshwa



Heath Streak, a former all-rounder for Zimbabwe in international cricket, is not dead, according to Gerald Mlotshwa, the board chairman of the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC) has confirmed.

Yesterday, Zimbabweans went into overdrive to announce that the former star cricketer was dead, including  his former teammate Henry Olonga.

Heath has been experiencing health issues for a while. He was recently diagnosed with cancer that is in stage 4 and is being treated both at home and in South Africa.

In a statement, Mlotshwa said: “We live in an age where any news, particularly on social media, prefixed with ‘breaking news’ is taken as fact.

Today (Wednesday), this morning, the world including many of Heath’s close family, relatives and friends, and indeed, Heath himself woke up to the news of his demise.”

He added: “If in fact it may not be already clear, Heath Streak is alive. He has not passed away.

“The undersigned has spoken to him this morning for his permission to issue this brief statement for the sake of his family and friends.

“Today, of all days, and in the coming days, let us reflect deeply on what we choose to post, whether it is verified and factual, ethical or moral to do so, who we are hurting and causing trauma to; and ultimately whether our so called “breaking news” is lawful under the laws of our country.

Whilst the overwhelming majority of posts this morning celebrated the life and achievements of this legendary cricketer, let us nonetheless respect the privacy of

Heath’s family at this point in time, as well intentioned as we might all be.”



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