Govt targets 150 000 farmers in Mat North

October 14, 2021



Government is targeting to support at least 149 000 smallholder farmers in Matebeleland North Province with inputs, Business Times can report.

The Agritex provincial officer for Matebeleland North Province, Dumisani Nyoni said farmers are expected to prepare five plots of land under the Pfumvudza/Intwasa programme.

“We are targeting 149 000 smallholder farmers in different parts of Matebeleland North  Province to benefit from this programme,” Nyoni said.

He added: “At the moment we are at a stage where Agritex is sensitising them to prepare for the cropping season.

“Under the Intwasa /Pfumvudza  programme, farmers are this year expected to prepare five plots and get maize or sorghum depending on their location .”

Nyoni said the programme encourages farmers to mechanise Pfumvudza where instead of digging planting basins they  can use animal drafts and direct feeders.

“We anticipate that towards the end of the October we will be seized with the distribution of inputs to those farmers that would have met the criteria for Pfumvudza /Intwasa programme. We are also encouraging farmers to prepare and repair resources to their fields and revisit conservation works in the fields.”

He urged farmers to use coal for soil fertility management.

“We are also encouraging farmers when they are complying to procure additional seed fertiliser for their other crops that might not be necessarily under Intwasa or Pfumvudza. Here and there draught animals cannot be in condition to hold the plough we urge farmers to do supplementary feeding of those animals that would be used for draught purposes,” Nyoni said.


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