Govt ready to work with media


Information,Publicity and Broadcasting  Services Minister, Monica Mutsvangwa, says government is ready to work closely with the media in an effort to make national programmes such as the National Development Strategy 1 (NDS1) succeed, and that information is accurately relayed to the public.

Mutsvangwa said this on Monday at a media training workshop in Gweru   meant to unpack the successes of the Transitional Stabilisation Programme  (TSP) and the plan for NDS1.

NDS1, which will run from 2021 to 2025  is replacing TSP which is coming to an end on December 31,2020.

“The media has been called the Fourth Estate, this coming from the important role it has assumed in statecraft and nation building. We are obliged as Government working with the media to ensure that the nation moves in unison as one entity, such that at the end of the day everyone plays their role in ensuring that this national goal is realised,” Mutsvangwa said.

She added: “People need information to understand what NDS1 is all about so they can participate enthusiastically. 

The mantra chosen by the government, ‘Zimbabwe is open for business,’ needs to be made a reality by sharing information that advances the national agenda.

“Zimbabwe cannot be open for business if there is discord in the messages coming out of Government and our media houses as we will be sending wrong, mixed and confusing signals,” she added.

Mutsvangwa said the media did not do justice to reporting on the successes of the TSP. 

“Despite the TSP delivering on most of its set objectives, there is a glaring disjuncture between those achievements and what the media is delivering to the nation.  Consequently, we now have a NDS1 meanwhile the nation is not fully informed on the fundamentals that were realised by the TSP,” she said.

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