Foundation seeks sustainable model

(Last Updated On: December 2, 2020)


The Adam Molai Foundation (AMF) is working on a sustainable model to uplift the communities as it plots a move away from the soup kitchen.

AMF is running four soup kitchens in Marondera where vulnerable members in society get two meals a day from Monday to Thursday. School children at Dombotombo Primary School get Maheu four times a week.

AMF chairman chairperson Itai Watinaye said the soup kitchens were a short term intervention measure to alleviate hunger.

“People are hungry. You can’t pitch an idea of a self-sustainable project to people who have no energy, no proteins. We said let’s get them to better levels in terms of nutrition,” he said.

Watinaye said the foundation was “here to stay as a foundation not only in Marondera but to create a model which we can spread along and afar in the country’s geographical spread”.

“Marondera is very key in us creating a sustainable model that we can replicate in other areas of the country but obviously fine tuning it to suit each and every geographical area,” he said.

AMF was registered in 2016 as a private voluntary organisation. In its interventions, the foundation discovered that some of the problems facing communities were besides hunger.

“In Marondera, there are a number of children without birth certificates. We have got a number of child marriages and we a number whose human rights have been vandalised. That has caused much more social disintegration,” Watinaye said.

“I have seen kids who are not going to school in Marondera, kids forced to marriages. We thought initially we were responding to a hunger issue but there are many factors that are causing hunger not necessarily linked to the economy but to the social setting in society.”

The Foundation, he said, was working with district officials, DA, Registrar of births and deaths to document the kids so that “we take them into school and try to change their lives”. 

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