DRUG MENACE: Police probe elite school

…drugs packed as cakes find way into colleges


Police are investigating the case of drug abuse at Dominican Convent School in Harare following the suspension of eight girls for violating the institution’s drug policy amid emerging details of a well-orchestrated circle of criminals involved in marketing, packaging and distribution of the dangerous substances at schools.

Eight students have been suspended at the elite school but a snap investigation by Business Times shows that peddlers are using social media, mainly Instagram to market drugs they in turn package as cakes, chocolates and biscuits they deliver at the school entrance.

Sources that include current and former students at the school, frequented by children of the city’s rich and famous, said the latest development is only a tip of the iceberg adding it was rampant in other schools as well.

Police spokesperson Assistant Commissioner Paul Nyathi said investigations are now underway following the suspension of the eight girls.

“We are conducting investigations to find out what happened because no report had been made before. As we speak, our team from the CID is there to find out what really happened and we will issue a comprehensive statement,” he said.

A former student at the school said

“We have seen this happening and drugs being brought in and out of the school where someone creates an Instagram page where they market these substances as cakes or anything but with weed or some kind of drug inside and they deliver at the school gate,” the ex-student said.

“It is really everywhere and I think now it is out there because the school has issued a statement and some were caught but it is really everywhere with some schools calling in sniffer dogs. It everywhere.”

Parents have called for stiffer penalties for those pushing drugs in schools and communities.

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