Council under spotlight over parks ‘rot’


Council’s failure to rehabilitate facilities including parks has once again come under the spotlight after businessman Ken Sharpe’s visit to Greenwood Park which is now in bad shape.

The local authority has come under fire mainly from residents for failure to provide service delivery while others expressed worry of the state of recreational facilities and parks that has seen many closing down due to lack of maintenance.

Speaking during a visit to Greenwood Park, situated on the outskirts of the city centre, Sharpe who was in the company of his 16-year-old mentee Nokutenda Kadye, said the park needed immediate attention and on behalf of West Properties, pledged to assist council in its rehabilitation.

“You can see it has all the potential,” Sharpe said. “All it needs (Greenwood Park) is some management. You know it’s all about management.”


“Leadership starts from the top. In Russia they have a saying that translates in English as the fish rots from its head. So when the fish is rotten, it actually starts rotting from its head. Which means it’s all about (council) leadership,” the West Property Chief Executive Officer said.


“We have to take accountability. The people that are responsible for this should never leave it in this state. They need to accept responsibility and sort it out,” he said.

Following that visit, West Property has decided to assist Harare City Council with the rehabilitation of a broken down borehole in the park/or erect a perimeter fence around the park to ensure no intruders enter the park.

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