Businesswoman cries foul over US$40m fraud case

…Accuses detectives of protecting SA tycoon


Bulawayo-based businesswoman, Rebecca Siziba has lodged a complaint to the Zimbabwe Republic Police Bulawayo Commercial Crimes Division over the lethargy by detectives in investigating a US$40m fraud case involving a South African businessman Martin Simmons.

A fraud case was reported at the Bulawayo Commercial Crimes Division two months ago and according to a letter by Siziba’s legal team dated July 13, 2020, she is accusing the detectives of dragging their feet on the matter citing possible deliberate move to protect Simmons.

Simmons is accused of prejudicing Siziba of close to US$40m in a botched mining deal. The two were shareholders in Bamslove Investments (Pvt) Ltd with 50% apiece.

“I have been forced to approach your good office complaining about the conduct of your commercial crimes unit located at Drill Hall, Bulawayo. The cause of complaint emanates from a report I made against and concerning a report I made against Martin Simmons, Barry Knight and Liesburg Marketing,” Siziba said.

“I reported the three accused persons almost two months ago and I have not received any joy concerning the arrest and prosecution of the accused persons.

There are endless explanations I am receiving indicating that the accused persons are looking for documents or consulting their former or current lawyers and I am being moved from pillar to post as my representatives and agents are being given the said explanations which has forced me to approach your office to intervene to understand, appreciate and or advance my interests as a complainant.

“I want to help explain my case by making the submission to your office and appreciate that it is my right to complain and also to have my day in court. It is not up to the Zimbabwe Republic Police to decline to prosecute the accused persons because that is the role of the Prosecutor General and the Police together with the Judicial Service Commission after I and the accused persons give evidence relating to fraud and contempt of court allegations against the accused persons.”

Bulawayo Commercial Crimes Division head Norbert Ushe said he was not authorised to speak to the press.

Siziba is demanding the return of all the company assets of Bamslove Investments (Pvt) Ltd transferred illegally to Liersburg Marketing (Pvt)
Ltd as well as payment or transfer of 40% of all new assets, shares, properties’ both local and offshore of Liersburg Marketing (Pvt) Ltd purchased from proceeds of the business operations owned by or from the assets of Bamslove Investments (Pvt) Ltd from June 2012 to date.

Before Simmons’ entry into the business, Siziba wholly owned the company.
The fully operational sites and assets included Sun Yet Sen Mine in Kezi with six stamp mills and several wholly operational leeching plants, Matanda “B” Mine Filabusi with 3 stamp mills and fully operational leaching plants, B Mine in Mberengwa with 4 stamp mills and leaching Plants and the company also had several vehicles, plant and machinery for the full operations of a custom milling company.

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