Article Retraction & Apology

In our latest lead story titled “Bosses implicated in gold smuggling” – dated Aug 29, 2019 , we made certain innuendos to the effect that the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe and its top officials were behind gold smuggling based on the information available at the time.

It has since come to our attention, after further interviews and interaction with our sources, that while gold leakages are causing serious problems in our economy, the central bank or any of its senior officials are not involved in any way in the smuggling ring as alluded to in the article. Rather RBZ is working tirelessly with the Gold Mobilisation Unit (Gold Squad) – comprised of the RBZ, Police, the army and the Ministry of Mines -to plug leakages.

Being a paper of integrity, we apologise unreservedly for the damage to the RBZ standing and reputation, our article could have caused. Any inappropriate innuendos in the said article were unintended and we take full responsibility of that – Editor.

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