ZTA meets tourism operators over prices


The Zimbabwe Tourism Authority (ZTA) on Wednesday met with the Tourism Business Council and other key tourism operators to discuss a wide range of issues, among them, pricing of the tourism products in the obtaining harsh economic environment. There was general consensus in the meeting that the tourism sector was facing challenges in the cost of doing business and pricing of the products.

ZTA chief executive officer Karikoga Kaseke was satisfied after coming from the meeting that the tourism sector will overcome the turbulence.

“It was a very successful and very fruitful meeting in which we discussed everything. It was a no holds barred indaba. I’m happy that the operators will rein each other and, in particular, the Tourism Business Council will make sure that they don’t put charges that are ridiculous, especially on international tourists because it’s bad.

“That was chasing away tourists and I think we have intervened at the right time and I’m sure by the end of the week everything will get back to normal,” said Kaseke.

In response Tourism Business Council president Paul Matamisa said the meeting had resolved issues in the sector.

“We managed to bridge the gap of understanding of the market forces that are currently prevailing. We spoke about foreign currency accounts, nostro accounts and how they are being looked into by the government. It appears banks are not yet in conformity with the government directive regarding the currency issues.

“It doesn’t look like there is a common way of doing things and that creates problems for operators and we are appealing to the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe to intervene,” said Matamisa.


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