ZOC president challenges federations

(Last Updated On: November 4, 2021)



The Zimbabwe Olympic Committee (ZOC) president, Thabani Gonye, (pictured – left) yesterday challenged local sports federations to implement strategies to unlock value, BT Sport can report.


Gonye, who officially opened a three-day sports marketing and events tourism workshop, which kicked off yesterday in the capital Harare and runs until tomorrow, said implementation of strategies was critical in the development of sports in Zimbabwe.

ZOC engaged Idy Uyoe,  an international sports and events marketing professional, to facilitate the workshop.

Uyoe, who is based in Atlanta Georgia, has more than 18 years of proven leadership experience in the business development, content marketing, sponsorships, and communication strategy.

“Sports marketing is the heart of the matter, which speaks to how value can be unlocked  from sports. The workshop talks directly to the third ZOC Strategic Key Performance Area of Business Development whose overall goal is to make the ZOC brand visible, attractive, competitive and optimally leveraged by 2025 with Paris 2024 and Los Angeles 2028 in mind,” Gonye told participants.

He added: “Zimbabwe has been known to roll out fantastic strategies. But implementation, which is critical, has been a huge challenge.

My challenge to you (delegates) is that  let’s do the work, and  let’s implement what we would learn.


“I believe the participants will be enriched in skill and how to mobilise resources. Delegates will also be able to  understand marketing concepts, how to negotiate contracts and how to tie deals as well as developing  marketing strategies.”

Uyoe, said brand positioning was key for sports federations in Zimbabwe to unlock value and commercially exploit resources that are available.


He emphasised the need for federations to build strong relationships with sponsors through sports marketing.

He said sports federations should not to give away value.

“It’s about building relationships. It’s about managing relationships.

As sports federations do not give away value. Correct pricing is critical,” Uyoe said.

The expert said he was humbled to assist in the development of sports in Zimbabwe.

“From this (workshop), we can  begin to build  a foundation,” Uyoe said.


Renowned sports administrator, Robert Mutsauki, who is former ZOC chief executive officer and served as technical director of the Association of National Olympic Committees of Africa in addition to several roles with the International Olympic Committee said local federations were desperate and accepts whatever is brought to their doorsteps.



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