ZB launches enhanced cash funeral product

(Last Updated On: August 25, 2021)


ZB Life has launched an enhanced cash funeral plan to give the deceased a good send-off as well as cushion the living ones for a period of six months after the departure of their breadwinners as it expands its product range.

This product launch is a culmination of a long process of research including listening to the communities and valued clients in the life assurer’s quest to offer reasonably priced financial and insured risk solutions.

ZB Life MD Letwin Mawire said the company offered the package of financial solutions to mitigate some of the challenges that people meet in life.

”Our products and services have over the years smoothened the financial adjustments of families after the loss of a breadwinner.

“We have made cash available to meet funeral and burial expenses on the loss of a loved one. Furthermore, we have assisted companies to take care of their employees in this regard,” Mawire said.

She said ZB Life was the first in Zimbabwe to introduce cash benefits under funeral insurance for individuals.

ZB Life will continue with concerted efforts to identify the needs of the clients in their respective life cycles, Mawire said.

“We will resolutely strive to design financial solutions that more than adequately satisfy your needs and as much as possible, remove financial stress in your times of need,” Mawire said.

Mawire said the solution could not have been more relevant than now when the world is battling Covid-19.

ZB Financial Holdings has so far contributed US$50,000 equivalent in local currency in support of the National Fund to augment the Covid-19 Vaccination programme.

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