Zanu PF dangles carrot to ED affiliates



Zanu PF has promised rewards to ED groups that attract new voters to the governing party ahead of elections to be held later this year.

Addressing Midlands ED affiliates last weekend in Gweru at the winery convention centre, Zanu PF political commissar Mike Bimha said groups that bring in new members will be given prizes.

“We want the affiliates to be empowered and we also want them to bring new people to the party.

“Affiliates should participate and get empowered in economic development and should support the party and government.”

Bimha said the affiliates should register with the commissariat department.

“Every affiliate should have a constitution and its leadership should go for vetting,” he said.

A total of 43 affiliates were registered in the Midlands province as of last Saturday.

Addressing a recent press conference in Harare, Bimha lashed out at the proliferation of affiliates which he said were not respecting party structures and were causing confusion in the party.

There have been reports that some ED groups were only after financial gains by aligning to the governing party.

But speaking at the same meeting in Gweru, Midlands provincial affairs minister Larry Mavima said the party was counting on the affiliates to increase President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s votes in his re-election bid in this year’s polls.

“We are counting on you as our affiliates for President ED votes,” Mavima said.

The affiliates were encouraged to have registers and urged to assist people to register to vote for Zanu PF and Mnangagwa.



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