WestProp Holdings scores Pomona city land row victory


The Supreme Court has ended the Pomona city land row after confirming WestProp Holdings as the actual honours.

In a statement, the Victoria Falls Stock Exchange listed counter WestProp Holdings company said the latest development marks the end of a protracted legal battle and the Pomona City “dream” remains alive to all stakeholders.

“We are pleased to advise our stakeholders and valued customers of the outcome of the appeal filed under SC271/23. The ruling which was delivered today cements and confirms that indeed Stand 654 Pomona Township belongs to WestProp Holdings Ltd,” the statement reads in part.


“We have thus put to rest any legal impediments and challenges to our title and the dispute between Augur Investments, Doorex Properties and Fairclot Investments has finally been determined in our favour by the Apex Court which has confirmed full discharge of the liability.”


The company said the dream to build world class facilities that will “bring Dubai to Zimbabwe” remains alive following the latest developments.


“We want to reassure our esteemed stakeholders and clients that the Pomona dream will certainly be delivered. With all the legal battles now behind us, our focus is now on delivering the Pomona dream and satisfying the imagination of our stakeholders and clients.”


The land at Pomona, the company said, was validly transferred to the real estate company by virtue of a Deed of Grant from the Government of Zimbabwe.

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