US avails US$230m to Zimbabwe


The government of the United States of America, through its President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR) has approved more than US$230m for HIV programmes in Zimbabwe.

The announcement of the commitment was made by the US ambassador to Zimbabwe Brian Nichols who said the funding would commence in October this year and run until September next year. The plan, however, now awaits approval by U.S. Congress.

Nichols said the fund would achieve epidemic control through a comprehensive package of prevention, treatment and support services.

 “The collective vision and goals that guided the planning process reflect a program that is evolving to sustain HIV epidemic control,” Nichols said. 

He added: “Zimbabweans living with HIV should now have ready access to their medications, including keeping a three- to six-month supply in their homes so that they can stay on treatment.”

Since 1980, the United States has provided more than US$1bn in health assistance to strengthen health systems, so that Zimbabweans can live longer, healthier lives.

Zimbabwe has more than one million people on anti-retroviral therapy.

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