PSMAS G CEO takes market by storm



Friday, the 22nd of March 2019 is a day that will go down in history as a memo­rable day which will always be remembered with a warm smile, as The Group was recognised by Megafest Holdings. The PSMAS Group Chief Executive Officer, Dr Farai Frederick Muchena was awarded the Outstanding Business Personality of the Year 2018 by Megafest Hold­ings.

In addition to the exponential growth experienced by the PSMAS and PSMI brands, an award such as this is testimony that Dr Muchena has now become one of the most recog­nised personal brands at national level and his leadership capacity continues to grow in leaps and bounces.

In 2018, Dr Muchena was awarded the Manag­ing Director of the year award by the Zimbabwe Business Awards (ZiBA) whilst PSMI was awarded the Com­pany of the year award by the same in­stitution. For the second year in a row, PSMI has been recognised as a com­pany that is grooming and produc­ing excellent leadership talent and the brand is taking the market by storm like a true eagle.

Dr Muchena has been with the PS­MAS Group for the last 15 years and a lot of milestones have been achieved under his able leadership. Not only has he been developing and improving himself as a leader, but Dr Muchena has coached and mentored quite a number of other leaders within PSMI who continue to hold fort as he also climbs up the corporate ladder.

His self-development seems to be an on­going process both professionally and academically as he is finalizing his stud­ies towards attaining a Doctor of Busi­ness Administration degree in addition to his 2 Masters degrees. The Megafest award therefore comes at the appropri­ate time to acknowledge the efforts of both Dr Muchena and the whole of the PSMI that has rallied behind him and has been an integral part of his success at every turn. Well done to Dr Muche­na and well done to PSMI.