Nissan PATROL: The living legacy


By combining functionality, vers tility and powerful performance withan attractive design, superior styling and refinement, the Nissan PATROL takes sophistication and capability to a whole new level.

The Nissan PATROL offers the discerning motorist modern lines, innovative safety features, highly advanced intelligent technologies, supreme comfort and more.

The impressive exterior of the Nissan PATROL shields an interior that offers nothing short of first class comfort and style. The designersof the Nissan PATROL have paid significant attention to every detail. Large panelled wooden areas, chrome finishes and soft touch leather gives this vehicle a status of sophistication.

From the very beginning, the Nissan PATROL has been synonymous with power. Each new model has employed advanced technologies that enhance both on and off-road performance to unassailable levels.

The latest generation Nissan PATROL is no exception. The 5,6l V8

engine offers the ultimate power trip. Variable Valve Event and Lift (VVEL) and Direct Injection Gasoline (DIG) technologies improve efficiency, power and torque with lower emissions.

The 7-speed VVEL automatic transmission with manual mode, delivers seamless acceleration with 298 kW of power and 569Nm of torque. Every journey in the Nissan PATROL is more enjoyable than the previous one. In keeping with the Nissan PATROL’s mission to deliver more comfort and more room, the Nissan PATROL offers versatile luxury leather seat dimensions that outclass the competition. Voluminous cushions for enhanced comfort on three rows of moreluxurious-than-ever seating, while the lavish space around the 2nd row seats is reminiscent of a private jet, the 3rd row seats offer unprecedented comfort thanks to the new reclining and sliding mechanism.

The possible eight different seating/cargo configurations in the first, second and third row create the biggest rear luggage space in its class with the ultimate comfort.

A fresh and modern design approach underpinned the creation of the formidable exterior. From the high-tech image of the front head lamps to the dynamic rear end sporting combination lamps, each exterior element on the Nissan PATROL is a statement in luxury. The bold window graphic of the blackened A pillar, alloy wheels, as well as the new angle strut grille all contribute to the vehicle’s formidable on-road presence.

Chrome finishes on the air intake vents and window frames express dignity and grace. The integrated protective bumper has been designed with perfect approach angle to allow this off-road stalwart to go anywhere.

The Nissan PATROL offers the largest interior space in its class. Legroom has increased due to the longer wheelbase, and expansive luggage space is created in seconds through the easy seat folding operation.

A built-in cooler box, that incorporates a double hinged design to enable access from both the first and second row seats, has capacity for six 500ml drinking bottles. In comparison to normal glass the laminated windshield and front windows reduce noise by 35 percent in the Nissan PATROL.

Ultra micro-fibre insulation, called thinsulate, in the front door panel and luggage areas, provides advanced insulation to maintain the cabin temperature and a quieter cabin.

The Nissan PATROL’s air conditioning system features curtain vents mounted in the ceiling above each side window and upper vents mountedabove the windshield. A strong current of cool air forms a curtain of air that acts as a barrier to heat penetrating the vehicle. Dual Zone climate control allows front and rear passengers to personally set the air conditioning to different levels.

Helical Limited Slip Differential and Rear Differential Lock allow the driver to maintain momentum, even on slippery slopes or roads when a wheel is spinning or slipping. Active Brake Limited Slip is a traction control mechanism that uses sensors from the Anti-lock Braking System to transfer power from a slipping wheel to a wheel with more traction.

Its Off-Road Monitor function offers information to support off road driving tyre conditions, while the Intelligent Tyre Pressure Monitoring System with tyre inflation indicator provides visual and audible signals outside the vehicle for inflating the tyres to the recommended pressure


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