Explore Nissan NP200, critical for business


It speaks for itself!

It’s reliable. It’s critical for small businesses.

The bakkie Nissan NP200 is available at Nissan Clover Leaf Motors Msasa and Bulawayo showrooms.

At a top speed of 172km per hour, this is no sports car but it sure picks the speed from point A to B.

You can get one with all the other luxury add-ons like air-conditioning and a stereo.

As you drive this vehicle around you easily think of the various businesses which would require this vehicle in their fleet or the various lines of business which would work better and produce profitable results.

Logistic companies with the escorting of larger haulage trucks would definitely require this for their fleet.

There are so many small businesses sprouting and for a landscaper who services a handful of clients, this will take the business to another level.

The florist will have their deliveries at ease with this economical and practical Light Commercial Vehicle – LCV.

It may be a 4×2 but surely, it does a bit of bundu bashing in our local roads which have deteriorated.

It’s been designed for the emergent markets and is built in South Africa at Nissan’s Rosslyn plant, north of Pretoria.

The vehicle was designed for light duty commercial purposes and competes against models like the Fiat Strada.

We all remember the old 1400 model!

The NP200 was used as the perfect replacement when production was discontinued.

It’s powered by a highly efficient 1.6 liter engine which delivers a maximum output of 85 horsepower (64Kw) and 128 Nm of torque.The engine packs lots of power, it packs a loaded load of 800kg, that’s almost a tonne of stuff.

For those who love diesel, the Nissan NP200 also has a diesel variant, which is a 1.5 litre turbo diesel which powers 63Kw at a low 2,000 rpm and 200Nm of torque coupled with excellent fuel economy.

Unlike its competitors, nothing is so spectacular about its design but it delivers.

The load bed has a width of 1024 mm (between wheel arches) and a length of 1807 mm which is more than enough to permit you to carry big loads in complete safety.

The overall design may not be high class but fortunately you are treated with plenty of space and you won’t complain about leg or head room either.

Storage places abound and the Nissan NP 200 is equipped with the expected amount of cup holders and cubby holes to keep any driver satisfied.

As indicated by the addition of quarter windows behind the doors, there’s also some extra useful stowage space behind the seats. So handbags and other valuables can be safely secured behind the seats.

The standard five speed gearbox engine is pretty efficient too, being able to score a combined fuel consumption of 8.1 liters/100 km.

So, driving from Harare to Bulawayo will set you back 33 litres of fuel. With the first two gears being very short, it improves the vehicle’s towing abilities.

It uses independent McPherson struts with wishbone at the front and an H-shaped axle with coil spring and anti-roll bar at the rear.

The ride around Harare can be a bit bumpy due to the extreme road conditions, but the vehicle has pretty good road stability.

For increased safety, the vehicle is offered with ABS plus with optional driver and passenger airbags.

An additional feature is the impact-absorbent material underfoot found in the dashboard and doors, which is used for minimizing damage during impact.

This vehicle is a rugged and efficient workhorse which is capable of doing its job no matter what industry you are using it for.

If your load is heavy or voluminous, the NP200 delivers.

The seats offer a decent amount of comfort and the overall ergonomy is adequate.

The 1,6 engine could’ve offered more power, but you’ll have to admit that you won’t need to worry about fuel consumption as it’s among the most efficient units you’ll find in this segment. On the other hand, ride and handling aren’t something to rave about, as the Nissan NP 200 is all about doing the work and not necessarily cruising around town trying to look trendy and chic.

Buckle up and be safe.

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