New BMW Series: Innovation & Technology



Straight from the cooking pot, the new 7 Series showcases a typical BMW design in its elegant form with dynamic proportions, precise lines and sculptured surfaces. Be it in the forward-surging front, the extended side view or powerful rear, the BMW 7 Series radiates its natural and authoritative presence from every angle

The overall result is an entirely new and effortlessly rewarding experience without equal in this class. One uniquely distinctive design detail in the front view of the BMW 7 Series is the Active air stream kidney grille. The air vents with their slats in Chrome are visible and actively regulate the airstream.

If the cooling demand for the engine increases in this new beast from the German car manufacturer, the air vents are opened and in the closed state they improve aerodynamics and ensure a striking presence due to the vertical slats in Chrome.

“The new BMW 7 Series represents our take on contemporary luxury. We consider technical innovaNew BMW Series: Innovation & Technology tion and a high quality of all details as indispensable as the emotional form language and the atmosphere of well-being of the interior.

“During the design process, we worked with the idea of ‘Technological Poetry’ – the feeling of a perfect interaction between progressive technology and its translation into design,” said Karim Habib who is head of design at BMW Automobiles.

For the first time, the BMW lightweight construction concept Carbon Core has been applied to the BMW 7 Series. As part of an intelligent hybrid design, this milestone in automotive engineering makes strategic use of carbon fibre in the new model’s body.

This reduces weight and fuel consumption while, at the same time, improving stability and that means even greater driving comfort and better dynamics. The vehicle boats of a new BMW Twinpower Turbo V8 petrol engine from the Efficient Dynamics range impresses in every situation. It combines two turbochargers with Valvetronic fully variable valve control including Double VANOS and High Precision Injection.

Between 1,800 and 4,500 rpm, an impressive 650 Nm of torque is readily available.

And with maximum output of 330 kW (450 hp), the V8 propels the vehicle from 0 to 100 km/h in just 4.7 s/4.7 seconds.

Whichever seat you occupy in the BMW 7 Series, you feel the contemporary and future-orientated atmosphere of luxurious wellbeing.

The vehicle is an intelligent composition of material, light, shape, colour and innovative technologies, which accompanies people who wish to move things – be it from the rear or from the driver’s seat.

The new BMW 7 Series represents precision and quality craftsmanship at a supreme level.

Evidence of this is the availability of a Floating

Design Mirror. The side mirrors appear to grow organically out of the window outline. Modern and elegant in their effect, they also enhance the aerodynamics.

Other examples of genuine detail refinements are the Active air stream kidney grille with vertical slats in chrome, the high-precision and powerfully distinctive appearance of the wheel design and the seamlessly incorporated Hofmeister kink.

On the inside, high-quality materials such as chrome with interior

trims in Poplar Grain Grey finewood finish and seats with upholstery such as exclusive ‘Nappa’ leather in Ivory White create a harmonious combination.

Also displaying a high level of craftsmanship is the instrument panel decorated by a continuous seam. The wood decorative trim and electroplated strip are individually matched during the production process so that a seamless overall picture is obtained.

The horizontal alignment of all rear elements emphasises the breadth and authority of the BMW 7 Series. A horizontal chrome bar boldly extends across the entire width of the vehicle, thus creating an optical connection between the lights. For the first time, the L shape of the light bars is also continued in the glass geometry, which gives the rear lights an even more striking appearance.

The tailpipe finishers are enclosed by a striking chrome frame. In combination with the wide track and the shaped wheel housings, they lower the optical centre of gravity, giving the BMW 7 Series a unique presence when viewed from the rear as well.

In the side view, the gently descending roof line traces an especially elegant silhouette. Peripheral chrome-plated window outlines merge seamlessly into the Hofmeister kink.

The double crease with integrated door handles extends from the front to the rear lights in two precise lines. They create a narrow area between them which appears as a constant band of light due to the interplay between light and shade in the side surface, emphasising both the length and lateral height of the BMW 7 Series.

The balanced look and the optically low centre of gravity of this sedan are supported by a chromeplated trim that extends from the Air Breather along the entire side of the vehicle.

At the front, the broad frame of the large and upright kidney grille stands out clearly, giving the BMW 7 Series its dynamic, forward-surging character.

The air inlet below, optically divided into three, extends along the entire front apron, giving the vehicle an exceptionally authoritative and distinctive appearance.

Equipped with LED technology as standard, the inner tubes in the Adaptive LED headlights are connected with the kidney grille by a horizontal strip.

One lighting technology which, literally, highlights the way forward is BMW Laserlight, which is reco nisable by the blue-coloured, horizontal bars in the centres of the tubes.