Morgan & Co raises ZWL$35k for Covid-19 fight

Securities dealing firm Morgan &Co.has raised ZWL$35,140 from trades
on Tuesday to scale up the fight against the spread of the coronavirus

This will be donated to the ministry of Health and Child Care as the
corporate sector joins the fight to contain the spread of the virus, also
known as Covid-19.

Last week, Morgan &Co. said its brokerage from all trades to be executed
on Tuesday would be donated to the Ministry of Health and Child Care
to help them in the fight to treat and contain the spread of Covid-19.

The support comes barely a week after the Zimbabwe Stock Exchange
implored capital market players and the investing public to partner
the bourse following its decision to forward levies collected from trades
executed from April 24 to 30 to the Ministry of Health to help in the
fight against Covid-19. It could not be established by yesterday how much
ZSE had raised with officials at the bourse telling Business Times they were
collating the figures.

The cash-strapped government has extended its begging bowl to the
corporate sector to help contain the virus.

Last week, the government reduced the quarantine period to seven from
the mandatory 14 days due to a cash squeeze despite Treasury announcing
monthly surpluses.

Coronavirus, also known as Covid-19, began in China’s Hubei
province in December last year.

Globally, there are over 3m confirmed cases and over 200,000
deaths. As of Tuesday, Zimbabwe had 34 confirmed cases, four deaths and
five recoveries.

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