More than 25 athletes confirm Bonaqua Troutbeck Africa Triathlon Cup participation


More than 25 athletes have so far confirmed participation in this year’s Bonaqua Toutbeck Africa Triathlon Cup, which will take place on April 1 in Nyanga.

The development was confirmed by  the event director, Rick Fulton at a media training and launch on Monday.

He said the confirmed participants were from Netherlands, Japan, South Africa, Togo, Chile, Poland and Morocco, among many other countries.

“I am very happy to inform everyone  that at this moment more than 30 days away  from the event we already have  25 elite  athletes  registered  for the event, seven juniors  as well,” Fulton said.

He added: “Those 25 elite  athletes  constitute  elite men and elite women  who will be  racing  in elite level races.

“They represent 15 different countries. So, the start list is very good. We think we are going to have good numbers and with 30 days  before the event.”

The competition is sponsored by Coca Cola and its bottling partner, Schweppes through Bonaqua brand.  Other partners are African Sun Limited, EcoCash, CFAO Motors, CIMAS and Rooney’s Events.

Coca Cola Zimbabwe’s franchise, marketing manager, Faith Nehanda, said the Bonaqua Troutbeck Africa Triathlon Cup has been a great value to Zimbabwe and the athletes.

“We are proud of our nine-year relationship with the triathlon sport in Zimbabwe.

“We have been together for nine consecutive years. Our sponsorship and association continue to grow such that putting a monetary value may not do our partnership justice. We love the triathlete’s essence as they compete with the spirit of enthusiasm, fairness and sportsmanship.”

She added: “One of the key reasons that inspires us to continue with the partnership is the professionalism exhibited by the Triathlon Association of Zimbabwe and the organisers of this jam-packed action-filled sport Bonaqua Africa Triathlon Cup multi-sports festival.

“As Coca-Cola, we believe sport is an essential part of our lives. The triathlon which combines swimming, cycling and running aligns with our Bonaqua brand very well.

There is a perfect fit between Bonaqua and triathlon as they both enhance the mental and physical growth of an individual. They assist in developing confidence and in making a complete personality in keeping our body fit while increasing mental sharpness.”

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