Megafest scales dizzy heights



Inaugurated in 2008, Megafest Holdings found its foot during the financial wilder­ness and stood its ground on an economi­cally unstable environment. For the past 11 years, the proudly Zimbabwean, Meg­afest Holdings has spread its wings into the business and corporate world by pro­viding top class Business Strategy Com­munication solutions. Megafest Holdings is an amalgamation of business network­ing events, the Megafest Magazine, the Megafest Business Awards and Corporate Trainings.

The Megafest Magazine is unswerving in promoting business practitioners and organisations for the best clientele outpour ever. Megafest lives to connect entrepre­neurial minds to their prospective clients and offer businesses a marketing edge to their competitors. The free in circulation monthly magazine reaches the desired clientele market as it is found in business strategic points, which include banks, hotels, airports, golf clubs and associated companies, Inclusive Finance being one of the distributors.

The timeous Megafest Business Awards celebrate exceptionally performing organi­sations in Zimbabwe and affiliated neigh­bouring regions, by providing a spotlight platform for the unsung businesses to shine. The business awards are supported by an array of sponsors with the goal to empower business players by recognising and rewarding local businesses and asso­ciated neighbouring regions for provid­ing top quality services. Simultaneously, encompassing businesses are encouraged to ‘go an extra mile’ in offering improved customer services to communities.

The awards offer businesses a marketing edge to their competitors and conversely create a positive business networking at­mosphere. Performance, being a vital benchmark, becomes a thrilling priority as the awards create a cost efficient platform to enhance a brand and honour outstand­ing employers or employees in organisa­tions. Companies can either be nominated by a third party or do self-nomination, performance and production being the main entry point.

The Holdings’ grounding in business strategy communication solutions dove­tails with its endeavour of business net­working as it seeks to connect great busi­ness minds in Zimbabwe and beyond. Yes! Beyond, because the apparition of Meg­afest Holdings’ “Cape to Cairo” vision is underway, starting with South Africa. The organisation’s verge to identify series of partners in, not only South Africa, but Botswana, Zambia and Angola, is for the empowerment of the African community. This simultaneously generates value for Megafest through building and deploying marketing and business communication strategies.

The Megafest corporate trainings in­clude customer care, management de­velopment programme, supervisory and management training, workshop facilities, sales and marketing skills, selling skills, strategic marketing, public relations, fi­nance for non-finance managers, personal branding skills, grooming and etiquette, and secretarial skills. In-house trainings are offered in all these categories per re­quest. Megafest’s famous Summer School provides an opportunity for secretaries, receptionists and personal assistants to ac­quire more knowledge in their respective fields; unwind and refresh for two days, if local, and three days, if in Victoria Falls or South Africa. In an effort to maintain the saying: “all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, this becomes an opportunity for employees to learn more in a relaxed environment. Besides the tutorial, they get involved in activities like canoeing and boat cruising to make the trip livelier. The same also goes for the renowned Megafest Winter School.

To this end, Megafest Holdings’ legacy is clear. From the first seminar held at the Bulawayo Rainbow Hotel in April 2008 to date, the company continues to make progressing strides. Megafest’s executive services range from business facade: image presentations, branding concepts, man­agement training, seminar and workshops facilitating, marketing plans designing, marketing strategies formulations, execu­tive image building and events concept de­signing. Megafest has carved a niche for it­self as the market leader in the industry. It is safe to say, this is only the beginning of the organisation’s greater successes, as it isonly gaining moment for what lays ahead.