MAPP Africa, EMA signMoU


MAPP Africa has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU)

with the Environmental Management Agency of Zimbabwe (EMA) to set up ground, surface, and portable water quality monitoring, microbiology testing-as-a-service business.


This partnership will ensure safe water for communities and build capacity when lab infrastructure around the globe is overwhelmed, particularly in Africa.


Two TECTA B16 Pathogen Detection systems are now operational, one in Harare and one in Bulawayo.


“As a Zimbabwean living in the diaspora, I have always been concerned about access to clean water in Africa, at home, and in general.

“This inspired me to identify technologies that can help with this global challenge. I am excited to bring the Tecta Pathogen Detection System to Zimbabwe and to collaborate with EMA to make a positive impact in the WASH sector” Brian Dodo, the CEO, MAPP Africa Inc. Said.


TECTA-PDS is the fastest, most advanced microbiology monitoring system in the world, delivering onsite, automated E.coli and Total Coliform detection.


Simple and cost effective, the B16 system can be used by virtually anyone, anywhere. This makes it an ideal solution for underserved or rural communities who may struggle with logistical or transportation issues when it comes to water safety.


“With TECTA systems being used in over 50 countries worldwide, we are particularly excited about this project and the partnership that MAPP Africa has developed with EMA of Zimbabwe.  TECTA-PDS was founded to protect human health through improved water monitoring and we are proud to be doing exactly that in a broad range of environments from remote Indigenous Communities in Canada to larger cities like Harare”  Doug Wilton, president & CEO, TECTA-PDS said.


The project will also help Zimbabwe meet its Sustainable Development Goals, promoting health, clean water, equality, infrastructure, and economic growth. A particular focus will be placed on hiring a gender-balanced workforce with opportunities geared towards women.


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