ICAZ launches centennial book

(Last Updated On: June 9, 2022)



The Institute of Chartered Accountants of Zimbabwe (ICAZ) has officially launched a book, titled Celebrating the last 100 years and moving the market forward, which captures the institute’s 100-year journey.


The 424 paged book, which has 12 chapters is about the Zimbabwean story.

Apparently, it is the only book of its kind produced by a business membership organization in Zimbabwe.

Although it was written by an accounting body, CAZ, the book is not an accounting book.

Speaking at the official launch of the book at the University of Zimbabwe Diamond Lecture Theatre on Tuesday, the ICAZ president, Tumai Mafunga said: “The background research for the book also revealed a great many milestones and achievements by members, partners, associates, and colleagues in industry. The team realized that beyond celebrating and launching the book itself, it was vital to celebrate the leadership change -makers of the century from the perspective of the institute.”

He added: “The book is an organizational study of the 100-year journey of the institute (1918-2018). The objective is to chronicle the events along the journey through its people. The book is a celebration of an organization that has now become a global carrier of the brand Zimbabwe, with more than 51% of ICAZ members working as professionals in 42 nations of the world. So, the book is not just about ICAZ itself but a Zimbabwe success story of organizational sustainability, longevity, operational excellence, and top globally fit talent development.

“Drawing from the book, the core message has been that of ‘always integrity’. So, the launch theme has been coined ‘100 years of integrity’ something that resonates very well with the nation’s drive against corruption.”

Mafunga said ICAZ will embark on a countrywide launch of the book with the strategic intent of ‘taking the accounting profession   back and deep into the community, high schools and universities who have fed students into the profession over the last 100 years.

“The objective is to celebrate the successes of the journey with those institutions, who have enabled ICAZ to become what it is today.”

He said the national launch will be done in 10 provincial capitals.

“With Harare marking the first launch (Tuesday), it will be followed by Bulawayo, Lupane, Gwanda and Masvingo before taking a short break and continuing with the remaining five provinces (later).”

ICAZ’s past president, Nyasha Zhou, who led a team of researchers, writers and contributors, who traveled across Zimbabwe and beyond  the country’s  borders to gather information related to ICAZ’s 100 years journey said: “The book was printed in Mauritius.  This is a book you need to hold for the next 100 years. We are taking the book into all 10 provinces to celebrate 100 years of integrity and carrying integrity forward. It’s a book which tells a story why ICAZ survived more than 100 years when contemporaries died many years ago.”

Zhou, however, expressed concern that there was no chartered accountant that came from Matabeleland North Province.


“The whole of Matabeleland North Province has no chartered accountant. It’s a serious worry for us and should be the same for government,” Zhou said.

Guest speaker at the launch, former CEO of OK Zimbabwe, Willard Zireva, chronicled his journey as a chartered accountant.

He paid tribute to pioneer black chartered accountants such as Ngoni Kudenga, who is the managing partner of BDO Zimbabwe Chartered Accountants and Joseph Kadzirange, who were one year ahead of him.

Zireva, did his articles with Deloitte together with the former Energy and Power Development Minister Elton Mangoma, and the late Munashe Mareza. They were the pioneer group to train as black chartered accountants at Deloitte.

However, Zireva echoed Zhou’s sentiments expressing disquiet over Matabeleland North Province not having a chartered accountant.

“Its sad for this country that for 40 plus years, a whole province (Matabeleland North) not having a single chartered accountant. It means the development of this country is not going in the right direction. I think government has a challenge.”

ICAZ, which is Zimbabwe’s largest and oldest professional accountancy organization, was established in 1918.

It contributes the majority of members registered by the Public Accountants and Auditors Board. ICAZ is also a founding member of the International Federation of Accountants, a member of the Pan African Federation of Accountants and a member of the Chartered Accountants Worldwide.


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