HR practitioners’ role in enhancing productivity

Human Resources play a critical role in fostering productivity.

As human resources practitioners do we realise this critical role we shoulder?

This week we focus on this role and how HR practitioners can play this role in line with modern trends.

The function of the human function has evolved within the last few years to develop beyond in reality imposing rules and techniques, recruiting, hiring, on boarding, and those in management.

HR leaders now discover that they need to make certain a fantastic company brand, create projects that boom employee engagement and productivity, and set up relationships among the agency and personnel past just their tenure at the enterprise.

Due to the fact HR has so much to do, improving present worker engagement and productivity is not continually given pinnacle priority.

For a solid productivity plan to work, organisations ought to specialise in carrying out strategies that focus on growth of employees’ standard on productiveness.

HR can make employees happy and more productive through promoting high-quality training that help enhance skills required to perform job at hand.

The following are the hints about enhancing worker productiveness:

λConduct an employee survey

First, try to discover what roadblocks are impeding productivity through an employee survey.

If you don’t already have systems in place, many online programmes allow you to create surveys that can be sent in bulk.

Do you understand the company career ladder and promotions?

Most employees will stick with a company when they’re fully aware of the career ladder steps and how to climb them.

If you receive negative responses concerning this matter, chances are your employees do not know how to move up in their careers within the company.


λ        Include flexible work options

Depending on the role, flexible work arrangements increase productivity for employees by reducing environmental stress, allowing for better concentration, and eliminating impromptu meetings.

Flexible work options have proven to reap better productivity results and happier employees at reduced costs. If flexible work options are not already in place, start planning now, being careful to avoid flexible work arrangements that lead to lower productivity and loss of individual engagement.


λ Support creativity and innovation

While it’s important to set guidelines, goals, and expectations for employees, it’s just as important to provide room for flexibility, innovation, and creativity.

Limiting creativity and innovation in favor of doing things the way they’ve always been done or the “XYZ company way” is the best way to kill productivity and employee engagement.

While it’s true that limiting creativity can hinder production, allowing for too much innovation and creativity without any guidance can also lead to minimal production. So this means there is need for a balance in the way this is looked at.


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Paul Nyausaru is an OD Practitioner and leadership coach. For all your OD interventions and leadership development training you can get in touch with him on WhatsApp/call +263774062756 or Email


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