Fungisai lines up virtual album launch

August 10, 2019


Gospel musician Fungisai Zvakavapano-Mashavave is set to launch her upcoming album online, making use of social media to get a wider reach.

Social media has been instrumental in pushing artistic works and several local artistes have used the platform to maximise on its wide reach.

The album; “Prophetic Ancient Voices” is set for release on August 9  during prime time.

“I will be performing live on my YouTube and Facebook account and this is one of the most innovative ideas I have ever thought of. Many people will have access to the launch and also a taste of the new music,” she said in an interview with Business Times.

The songstress said musicians must be innovative and move with trending technologies in marketing their products.

“With social media you can interact as musicians across the continent or wherever so we must be able to make use of it, sharing our work on the same platforms so that we move forward,” she said.

Songs on the six-track album are “Ngaaone”, “Mutsvene”, “Tomorrow”, “NaJesu Tinoenda Kure” “Tiri Vana Vehumambo” “Nditorei”, “Uya Mweya”.

As part of her marketing strategy, the musician called several corporates to have a feel of the album. “The response was overwhelming and most of them have shown interest
in working with me after the release. We have to be innovative as musicians,” she said.

Fungisai has been on the receiving end because of her experiences in changing genres. The musician said she has a unique manner of
approaching life.

“I always want to see to it that I reach out to the target. I just have a unique manner of approaching life. In this case people were used to being invited to a physical concert where they fill up a place, but this time I am directing traffic to my Facebook page and my
YouTube account,” she said.

The songstress said the idea of staging a virtual launch was prompted by the realisation that she can reach out to people while they are doing their routine activities.

“Experience and current trends are such that people are willing to follow music while they are in their own spaces and within their busy environments.

“We are in the process of considering a scientific survey on social media trends and patterns. We also want to do it at a time when we can get many followers,” she said.

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