EU gives Zim US$18.7m

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The European Union (EU) has provided Zimbabwe with €16.8m (US$18.7m) to go towards addressing emergency food needs and support for vulnerable people in the country.

The bloc said the funding is also expected to “improve access to basic health care and clean water and provide protection to counter the risks that people’s fragility exposes them to”.

This comes at a time when large parts of the country and the wider region of Southern Africa is in the grip of the harshest drought in decades, which is compounded in Zimbabwe by governance challenges and a worsening economic situation.

“Many poor households in drought-affected areas in Southern Africa countries are struggling to have enough food due to crop failure, reduced access to water and in some places, unaffordable food prices in markets.

EU humanitarian aid will help deliver food to those most in need and tackle the hunger crisis in fragile rural communities,” Janez Lenarcic, the EU’s commissioner for Crisis Management said.

It is estimated that about 7.7m people in Zimbabwe are at risk of severe hunger, placing the country among the States facing one of the worst food crisis in the world.


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