Delta posts 114% volumes growth

July 15, 2021




Delta Corporation has posted a 114% revenue growth in the first quarter to June 30, 2021 on the back of volume recovery across all beverage categories.

Lager beer volumes grew 139% in the reviewed period compared to the same period last year.

The sorghum beer volume for the period grew 106% for the quarter compared to prior year but there were some constraints in the supply of key packaging materials and logistical challenges of resins on world markets.

The sparkling beverages volume grew 205% in the reviewed period compared to the prior year as the business continues to recover market share and this was largely due to consistent product supply and the increased social and economic activities that drive consumption.

Company secretary Alex Makamure said the volume includes sales into the Manicaland territory which became part of the franchise at the beginning of the quarter.

He further noted that the current focus is on injecting returnable glass bottles and supplying the full range of flavours and packages.

African Distillers Limited registered a volume growth of 47% for the quarter as the unit expands the route to market model to access more channels while Schweppes Holdings Limited recorded a beverages volume growth of 44% for the quarter on the back of improved product supply and recovery of market share in juice drinks.

United National Breweries South Africa registered a volume growth of 361% over prior year but the business was largely closed in 2020 due to the ban on alcohol sales.

“The volume is trending up, benefiting from competitive pricing, consistent product supply and the injection of new returnable glass,” Makamure said in a statement.

However, volumes at Natbrew Zambia declined 29% for the quarter and the performance, according to Makamure, reflects the increased competition from illegal bulk beer and the restricted access to some trade channels.

Some key trade channels such as bars and beer halls remained inaccessible under the prevailing Covid-19 regulations.  Makamure said the business in Zimbabwe will benefit from the improved agricultural output and better access to rural markets.

The recovery, Makamure noted, has been curtailed due to the re-imposition of alcohol ban at the end of June 2021 in response to the third wave of Covid-19 infections.


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