Decision to ban Zambia’s Banda unjust

(Last Updated On: July 7, 2022)


#BhoraLethu with Alois Bunjira

I was really saddened by the Confederation of African Football (CAF) decision to sideline Zambian’s women  football team captain, Barbara Banda (pictured), from participating at the ongoing women African football Championships for having high testosterone levels in her body.

We were born different.

Other athletes are more muscular, vamwe vakatsonga (slim).Others are tall, others are short.

Others have high levels of creatine others low. Others have high levels of testosterone  while others have low levels of the hormone.

That makes people different and gives ground competition.

Ngolo Kante competes against players like  AC Milan striker Zlatan Ibrahimovich and Manchester City midfielder Bernado Silva competes against the towering Virgil  van Dijk of Liverpool.

They have different strengths  and energy. I would understand if Barbara Banda had two organs or has a male organ or is transgender.

But as long as she has everything (organs) that makes a woman, including ovaries, why should she be judged as a man?

The decision on Banda is outright low key racism and unjust.

Tikazotanga kuti ndiani ane more testosterone, more creatine, more muscle, taller, bigger bones, more power…hapana zvatinenge takuita and defeats the whole purpose of competition.

Why would you ask someone “take tablets so that you give us a chance to beat you”?

Why should she take tablets to alter her natural make up as a woman?

Why are the tests targeted anyway?

Why ain’t they done across all women in sport, as a criteria to compete ?

Have we not seen sportswomen with amazing and superior power  or strength in sport around the world?

Why haven’t they been tested for testosterone?

This is a woman whose career comes crashing down,her whole life and future is now looking bleak because of some few weak girls who complained.

Should she now compete with men?

Should men with low testosterone compete with women?

If I had my way,I would write a whole petition to FIFA,seeking justice for Barbara Banda. CAF is a big let down on this one.



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