Catch them young : Mavima

June 23, 2022



Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima has urged the Zimbabwe Revenue Authority (ZIMRA) to introduce tax education in learning institutions so that the public gets tax knowledge at an early age.

In a speech read on his behalf by Midlands Director for Economic Development Kosheni Mtisi, Mavima said the introduction of tax education at early stages will “inculcate responsibility and tax morale among school children towards the development of the country”.

“I urge you to come up with innovative ways that will compel citizens to voluntarily fulfil  their tax obligations. They should have confidence that their monies will be used for their direct and indirect benefits,” Mavima said.

He urged ZIMRA to continue plugging revenue leakages which are being done through tax evasion, tax avoidance, smuggling and under declaration of imports.

Mavima said the ZIMRA has cumulatively contributed about US$40bn to Treasury since its inception in 2001 up to 2020.

“Cumulatively, ZIMRA has managed to contribute a total of US$ 39.8 billion to the state since 2001 when it was formed. This was made possible by the positive spirit, drive and dedication by the ZIMRA team to collect and timely remit tax collections due to the state,” he said.

The revenue collector facilitated exports worth over US$58bn and US$86bn worth of imports.

“The Authority missed its target only in four years due to internal shocks that the authority had to grapple with,” Mavima said.

Recently the revenue collector revealed that it has rolled out an electronic platform to enhance processing times and minimize incidences of corruption at the country’s borders.


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