Artistes should rope in music distributors, marketers



Zimbabwe artistes should rope in music distributors and marketers to help their music reach the intended target  audience.

Apparently, a  number of artistes’ music  has become mere studio hits because  their music is not reaching the public domain and the intended targeted audience.

A clearly paved road, which starts from the studio where the music is made up to the public domain, must be created so that the music will reach every corner.

This will eventually buttress one of the key roles of artistes  which is that they are influencers.

Apart from that, they will also harvest rich music capital from both digital and conventional music platforms.

It is also a strong remedy that can also prevent artists from perishing and ultimately losing relevance.

Some potential hits have ended up as  mere studio hits due to lack of proper music distribution.

Music distribution is the way that the music industry makes recorded music available to consumers.

It’s a core aspect of its business model, and it makes it possible to purchase most music in stores or download or stream it online and the music distributor is solely responsible for it.

A number of artistes have been releasing good songs, albums and visuals daily  but to no avail.

This is because their music is hardly available on music distribution platforms.

The late Soul Jah Love was one such artiste.

It is  difficult to find his music on platforms beyond YouTube.

The rising dancehall superstar Blot also released his new album Ramba Waraira and there was an uproar among Apple users who bemoaned the unavailability of the solid project on Apple Music.

Digital music distribution platforms have become particularly important especially during this Covid-19 era as it has resulted in a digital boom being witnessed by the growing numbers of people who are spending many hours glued to the internet and social media.

Music is therefore a profession that incorporates a whole lot of other professionals and it is difficult for musicians to be masters of every facet of the music discipline.

As such, it is incumbent upon artistes to appreciate music distributors and engage them when publishing their works.

Nevertheless, artistes must also master the art of music distribution so as to avert releasing solid and good music projects willy-nilly.

A good song will eventually translate into a hit song once it penetrates into the public domain through a combination of a good and quality song coupled with proper music distribution and good marketing strategies.

So artistes must also incorporate music distributors and marketers within their camps for strategic purposes.

In engaging music distributors, artists must also be aware of the culture vultures who rob artists of their hard-produced content in the name of pushing works as some might end up losing the copyrights of their music which is their intellectual property.



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