A cyclone of doubtful birth

Baffour Ankomah

As we conclude our journey, this week, into the secretive world of electromagnetic and geophysical warfare, I want to urge readers to keep certain basics in mind. First, we have proved on this journey that electromagnetic and geophysical warfare is not a conspiracy theory. It is as real as the sun is the sun.

Second, the USA and Russia principally have amassed deadly electromagnetic and geophysical weapons that can put entire continents to sleep in minutes. These weapons, of course, are in contravention of the 1977 UN Treaty against the modification of the environment for the purposes of war.

The official title of this Treaty is: “Convention on the Prohibition of Military or any Other Hostile use of Environmental Modification Techniques”. It was approved by the UN General Assembly in Resolution 31/72 of 10 December 1976, and was opened for signature from 18-31 May 1977 in Geneva. It entered into force on 5 October 1978.

The Convention specifically bans weather warfare, which is the use of weather modification techniques for the purposes of inducing damage or destruction. Forty-eight countries signed the Convention even though 78 are party to it.

The US signed it on 18 May 1977 and ratified it on 17 January 1980. Russia signed it on 18 May 1977 and ratified it on 30 May 1978. Yet these two countries have blatantly violated the Convention as they have secretly researched and produced deadly environmental modification weapons.

Remember, the US Air Force admission in its major publication, AF 2025 Final Report: “The ability to generate precipitation, fog, and storms on earth or to modify space weather … and the production of artificial weather all are a part of an integrated set of technologies which can provide substantial increase in US, or degraded capability in an adversary, to achieve global awareness, reach, and power.”

So these nations now have the power to create earthquakes or seismic warfare, tsunamis, cyclones, storms, excessive rainfall, droughts, tornadoes, fog (or what they call “precipitation”), and to modify the weather or create artificial weather to harm their enemies.

Remember also the definition of geophysical warfare: “The intentional modification of a system of the natural ecology, such as climate and weather, earth systems such as the ionosphere, magnetosphere, tectonic plate system, and/or the triggering of seismic events (earthquakes) to cause intentional physical, economic, and psycho-social, and physical destruction to an intended geophysical target or population location, as part of a strategic or tactical war.”

It is frightening, isn’t it?

Last week, we learned how the US has given itself up to next year (2020) to achieve “full spectrum dominance” of the world in, or from, outer space. This has been America’s vision since February 1977 and they have assiduously worked on it for the past 42 years. Imagine what they have now under their sleeves.

The weapons

In general, the electromagnetic weapons that the US and Russia have can kill every electronic device, including power systems, TV and radio systems, mobile phone systems, microwave ovens, other communication systems, even cars with electronic emissions in them. If these weapons are deployed in the relevant place or detonated over a city, anything electronic or with chips in them will be disabled or fried in seconds.

According to the History Channel: “There was speculation that these weapons were used in Kosovo in 1999. In Iraq in 2003, it was reported that a top secret Tomahawk cruise missile was fired. Shortly after the launch, the lights went out in Baghdad, though no physical damage was seen on the ground. What we do know is that if a high-powered microwave e-bomb were deployed, it would have to be launched with a Tomahawk cruise missile.”

Last week, we also learned that they also have high laser energy weapons that can blind enemy soldiers on the battlefield or shoot down enemy aircraft, missiles and artillery shells.

They also have microwave weapons for crowd control. These are continuously directed energy weapons that heat the skin rapidly and can derail opposing forces quickly if all the soldiers begin to feel a burning sensation on their skin.

Mind games

The last set of electromagnetic weapons in their arsenal relates to mind control. Some time ago, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC) ran a documentary that dealt with the usage of electromagnetic weapons to control the minds of people. As usual, the US military denies this.

But Dr Nick Begich (the son of a US congressman and a confirmed anti-electromagnetic warfare activist) is sure that “the human mind is subject to being affected by radio frequency energy, that is what this device is. You can move the mood of large populations using this type of technology.”

According to the CBC, scientists have been experimenting with radio frequencies on animal brains for decades, and the US military has followed it all very closely, especially when they found that the Russian military was onto it too.

Says the CBC: “Back in the 60s, the Soviets began zapping the American embassy in Moscow with low frequency beams. One theory was that they were trying to mess up with people’s central control systems, and one report did say the diplomats inside the embassy got depressed a lot. Why blow people up when you can drive them crazy?”

The CBC revealed that “documents going back to the early 80s show that the military had discussed the possibility of mind control through radio frequency energy. The possibility is there. The military has studied it. A 1982 US Air Force report called “Radio Frequency Energy – A Major New Research Initiative” describes how radio frequency energy can ‘disrupt normal purposeful behaviour.’”

So gird your loins, dear reader. The days when human beings fought with bows and arrows and sword and shield are gone forever. Today, there is nowhere to hide from these new and mad weapons of mass destruction.

The only consolation – but it doesn’t help anybody – is that they are mistaken in thinking that they used “science” to invent tsunamis as a weapon of war. It is clear that they have not read their Bible. Otherwise they would know that the Bible records at Genesis 7:11-24 that “in the 600th year of Noah’s life, on the 17th day of the second month, all the springs of the great deep burst forth and the floodgates of the heavens were opened. And rain fell on the earth 40 days and 40 nights … and for 40 days the flood kept coming on the earth… Every living thing on the face of the earth was wiped out, men and animals and the creatures of the air were wiped from the earth… The waters flooded the earth for 150 days.”

Thus, in essence, the delivery systems of the modern flood/tsunami weapons may be ascribed to science if you want, but the knowledge of water or flood or tsunami as a deadly weapon has been with us since Noah.

The central question

At the centre of our journey into the secretive world of geophysical and electromagnetic warfare was the question: “Was Cyclone Idai an electromagnetic/geophysical warfare event gone awry?” In other words, did space or environmental warfare research create Idai? It is the pursuit of an answer to this question that has led us to the dark chambers of electromagnetic and geophysical warfare. So let’s answer it.

Many people see Idai’s ferocity and sheer destructiveness as abnormal. Cyclones are cyclones and they cause havoc. But Idai’s havoc has been extraordinary, moreso that, in Zimbabwe, it was preceded by a 3.8 magnitude earthquake.

“Of course disasters like [Cyclone Idai] happen regularly on a natural basis.” says Fred Bucks, a former US military interpreter who now writes for the Canada-based media group, Global Research. “Yet if you begin to research, there is some high strangeness around some of these disasters. The evidence is inconclusive, yet with the known and unknown major destructive capabilities of these weapons, serious questions remain.”

Remember that earthquakes and cyclones are two of the weapons the puppet masters have in their arsenal. And we had two of them following one another a month ago in Zimbabwe, creating a super-destructive Idai that the UN says is the worst weather-related natural disaster to hit the Southern Hemisphere in recorded history.

Way back in 1984, our pastor, the late Herbert W. Armstrong, a very knowledgeable man who founded the Worldwide Church of God (whose headquarters is in Pasadena, California, USA), wrote an article in the Church magazine, Plain Truth, showing, even in those days, that the US had the capability (and he meant an electromagnetic warfare capability) to push away clouds from an enemy country and thereby induce drought as a weapon of war.

Now, with my own knowledge of electromagnetic and geophysical warfare, I am tempted to ask the rational question of whether the many droughts that Zimbabwe has experienced since the launch of the land reform programme in 2000, have anything to do with the weapon that my pastor, H.W Armstrong, talked about in 1984?

The history of drought

A historical overview of drought and rainfall patterns in Southern Africa since 1800 published by the environmental information system, GAIA, shows the following pattern:

1800-30: Southern African rivers, swamps and other water sources dried up. Some well-watered plains turned to semi-arid vegetation. 1820-30: This was a decade of severe drought throughout Africa. 1844-49: Southern Africa experienced five consecutive drought years. 1870-90: This period was humid in some areas and former Lake Ngami, in the northwest of Botswana, was full.

1875-1910: There was a marked decrease in rainfall in southern Africa, and 1910 experienced a severe drought. 1921-30: Severe droughts in the region.1930-50: Southern Africa experienced dry periods alternating with wet ones, and in some years the rains were very good. The 1946-47 season experienced a severe drought.

1950s: There was abnormally high rainfall in some parts of the region. East Africa experienced flooding, and Lake Victoria rose by several metres. Elsewhere, the equatorial region experienced below normal rainfall. 1967-73: This six-year period was dry across the Southern African region. The equatorial region experienced above average rainfall.

1974-80: This period of six years was relatively moist over much of Southern Africa. In 1974, the average annual rainfall was 100 per cent above normal throughout the region. 1981-82: Most of Southern Africa experienced drought.

1983: This was a particularly bad drought year for the entire African continent. 1985: Conditions improved. 1986-87: Drought conditions returned. 1991-92: Southern Africa, excluding Namibia, experienced the worst drought in living memory. (Source, State of the environment in Southern Africa, SADC, 1994)

You can see from the above history of droughts in Southern Africa that the frequency has changed drastically for the worse since 2000. While in the past there were huge gaps between droughts – gaps of good rainfall – for the past 19 years the droughts in Zimbabwe have taken a two-yearly or every-other-year pattern. Is this natural or abnormal?

If abnormal, has it been part of the regime change agenda that sought to overthrow Mugabe’s government because of the land reform programme? I am only thinking aloud – because I don’t have any hard evidence to prove it, but I am intrigued that every freak weather event these days is blamed on El Nino or global warming, two omnipotent and omnipresent phenomena of doubtful birth. But no one blames weather modification.

Yet as Fred Bucks says above, disasters like [cyclones] happen regularly on a natural basis yet if you begin to research, there is some high strangeness around some of them. I think that there is “some high strangeness” around some of the droughts of the past 19 years in Zimbabwe.

Also the sheer magnitude of the destructiveness of Cyclone Idai and the earthquake that preceded it, present enough circumstantial evidence for a rethink.


Four weeks ago, we learned in this column how Idai nearly coincided with the next “research campaign” at the US electromagnetic research site called HAARP (or “High Frequency Active Auroral Research Programme”,) a little-known but critically important American site hidden in the cold recesses of Gorkana, Alaska, though HAARP itself is a non-classified project owned by the US military.

HAARP’s “research campaigns”, according to its official website, are developed to optimise logistics and personnel time by combining multiple experiments into a fixed time period. Such campaigns are planned approximately six weeks in advance and occur three to four times per year. Between 1999 and 2014, over 20 major research campaigns and numerous shorter studies were conducted at Gokana. Operational campaigns ranged from 130 days (2008) to 15 days (2014).

As we noticed three weeks ago in this column, Idai’s landfall on 14 March was 11 days before HAARP’s next advertised research campaign began on 25-28 March.

I still stand by my statement four weeks ago that all things being equal, one can safely say this research campaign might have had nothing to do with Idai. But as all things are not always equal in this world, particularly judging from the way the puppet masters have run the world in the past, the people who are asking that Idai should be looked at beyond it being a mere natural disaster, deserve to be heard, even if they are making fools of themselves.

From the evidence adduced in the past four weeks in this column, no one can say with an Absolute Yes that Idai was an environmental warfare event gone awry. In the same vein, no one can say with an Absolute No that it wasn’t. I am not a betting man, but looking at the sheer quantum of the destruction wrought by Idai and the earthquake, I am tempted to say that nature would have been more merciful if it sired this cyclone and earthquake from its own massive loins.

Cyclone Idai victims get a helping hand to safety


In Iraq, it was reported that a top secret Tomahawk cruise missile was fired. Shortly after the launch, the lights went out in Baghdad, though no physical damage was seen on the ground.

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