ZG Medical expands footprint, targets informal sector

Tinashe Makichi

Zimbabwe General Medical Aid Fund (ZG Medical), a member of the TM Group of companies, has extended its tentacles into the northern region of the country specifically targeting the informal sector which is playing a huge part in the socio-economic growth of the country.

The company is already established in Midlands, Masvingo and Bulawayo provinces.

 ZG Medical northern region director Tarisayi Jingo told Business Times that with an estimated 80 percent of Zimbabweans uninsured and in informal employment, it was only natural that most businesses would seek to close the gap.

 “The majority of our people are now in the informal sector and in self-employment but that does not remove the need for healthcare. For as long as people live,medical needs and emergencies are bound to arise. It was that realization that made us come up with all-inclusive products catering for sectors of the economy,” said Jingo.

The company’s medical aid packages range from $5 to $130 per month.

The company has also come up with a plan, the Flexi6 plan which covers six families’ members under one premium and one global limit, different from the traditional approach where each person had their own premium. The $5 package gives clients access to government Hospitals, municipal hospitals and clinics.

 As it stands, about 10 percent of the Zimbabwean population is on medical aid cover.

“We are giving a regular and ordinary Zimbabwean opportunity to access to health insurance at low cost. This is medical cover for the general populace, as the name entails Zimbabwe General Medical Aid. The packages also includes free funeral cover as we believe our client relationship should only be cut by death,” said Jingo.

Jingo said partnerships have also been formed with reputable institutions and universities like the Midlands State University while collaborating with corporate like PSMI, United Bulawayo Hospital, Clay bank Hospital, West End and many others.

TM Group of companies has portfolios in construction, real estate and land development, financial services, hospitality, health insurance and agriculture (Beef production).


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