Youth organisation fights drug abuse


Amid calls by Bulawayo residents to end vuzu parties that have rocked the city, a local youth organisation; Zimbabwe Network for Economic and Social Transformation (Zinest) has embarked on a campaign to end drug abuse.

Zinest chairperson Takemore Mazuruse said there was need to create awareness campaigns among youth who contribute positively to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of the country.

“Our organisation brings together various professionals and progressive Zimbabweans who are motivated by the desire to achieve total economic and social transformation of marginalised groups and beyond, we hope to have more partners that can help us design livelihoods programmes for these youths so that they become more productive,” he said.

 Substance abuse remains high among unemployed youths in Zimbabwe and many of them have taken to substance abuse as a way to deal with their life challenges. This is even worse in economically challenged communities like the high-density suburbs. “Substance abuse is real and even global players like the United Nations are in support of the fight towards its eradication in our communities,” he added.

Club Joy Centre in Machipisa will host the first event of the campaign that will be held on May 25.

“Club Joy Centre proprietor and businessman David Mudzudzu offered his open-air venue in Highfield for the launch of the drug abuse awareness initiative and we are grateful for this gesture,” he said.

They have roped in youthful musicians Tryson Chimbetu, Afro Jazz musician Wachari, Forward Mazuruse, Mr Regie and Parazai Mesi among others to perform on the launch.


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