Upcoming gospel musician Chawira hails Mono Mkundu

July 28, 2019


Renowned producer Mono Mkundu has been instrumental in cultivating talent in Zimbabwe and has produced several hit songs in addition to adding flavour and flair with his strumming lead guitar.

One such musician natured at Mkundu-owned Monolio Studios is Letty Chawira, an upcoming gospel musician. Chawira now boasts a catalogue of rich songs like Ma-tesimony, which features South African-based musician Rev Togarepi Chivaviro and
Zvakadaro, a song accompanied by a video which was shot in different parts of

She recounts how Mkundu came to her rescue after several studios rejected her music.
“I have always wanted to be a singer but my dream was shattered when I approached some recording studios and they told me that my voice was not for music.”

All hope had been lost until she met Mkundu who gave her tutorials and recorded her first album “Mbiri Ndeyenyu” in 2008. “The album did not make an impact as I thought but he kept on tutoring me until I released my second album ‘Vesai Moto’. Some of the songs on that album were appreciated locally; that is when I realised my full potential in the music industry,” she added.

Chawira has also worked with several other producers and musicians from West Africa to diversify beats. Nigerian producer Ifeanyi  has played a major role and some of the songs are already making waves in the region.

“I have been getting fair recognition in Nigeria since the release of my album earlier this year. Ifeanyi has been pushing my music in West Africa and this had earned me much acknowledgement in his country. Very soon we will embarking on a regional tour,” said Chiwara.

She paid tribute to Mkundu for his passion in uplifting talent saying government through the Ministry of Arts should empower such individuals.

“Individuals like Mono should be empowered by the government because their contribution to the local arts is great. Now I am going places because of him,” she said.

Locally, “Matesitimony” and “Zvakadaro” have been topping gospel music charts on several radio stations.


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