Understand electoral laws, ZEC says

July 14, 2022



The Zimbabwe Electoral Commission (ZEC) says it is important for citizens to fully understand electoral laws for them to participate in elections “without doubts or limits”.

Speaking at a ZEC workshop held in Kariba last week, the commission’s spokesperson, Jasper Mangwana said this will enhance citizen’s full participation in elections.

“Elections are more legal than they are logical. If you don’t understand the law, it will be difficult for you to understand elections.

“It is therefore imperative that citizens fully understand laws governing elections so that they fully participate without any doubts or limits,” he said.

Mangwana said the commission wants all stakeholders, especially young people to come on board and participate in the delimitation exercise so that there is a clear understanding of the process.

“Right now, the commission is carrying out a delimitation process. These are some of the processes that citizens have to be aware of as they may result in various challenges.

“After this process is complete, some voters will be moved to different wards, constituencies and districts, that is why we are calling on everyone to be on board so that they understand the changes and assist others,” he said.

Mangwana also said understanding electoral processes will help eliminate some of the misconceptions surrounding elections.

“There are a lot of misconceptions and myths about processes carried by the commission.

“So being part of these processes, will help dispel misconceptions and demystify myths surrounding electoral processes,” he said.



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